Business Services & Support

Newsletter Design

Let’s develop an email newsletter template for you. Share your events, news, and latest projects and products directly to your readers without worry that it might be buried in their social media feed.

Many newsletter services also have plugins on WordPress. If you use WordPress (or plan to) for your website, you can send out newsletters directly from your website dashboard. We can also automate posting to your social media, so you can spend more time with your clients. Learn more about our automation and site management services.

Logos and Branding

We can design your new logo, slogan / payoff, business cards, signage, labeling and more. We can also provide branded content for use in print advertising with your preferred print vendor.

Project Support

There are many cases where web design or software development are part of a larger project. Augment your team with our experience in design and development. We can work as a member of the larger project team, lending expertise and getting you what you need when you need it.

Desktop Services

Some time-tested programs are here to stay, and spreadsheet fatigue is real. Even modern and forward-thinking corporations rely on decades-old methods and systems that are due for an overhaul but “still work”. We can help find, evaluate, and implement new software, or improve what you are currently using.

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